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October 20, 2012
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adventure time: miserable by piketta adventure time: miserable by piketta
Sing your heart out.

I needed to sketch out feels for this show. Poor Marceline..being a thousand years old must suck.
this song omfg crying of eternal sadness: [link]

to bubblegum
to hunson abadeer
to ice king (simon)
+ she never sang about it but her ex boyfriend ash was horrible.

now off to school and commissions.

art (c) :iconamustache:
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I would really like to learn more about her past with Princess Bubblegum and Simon to see how she became a problem to Bubblegum and what happen after Simon gave Marceline the chicken soup.
Didn't you notice it was pink bubblegum that gave the soup AND the can opener to Simon to give to Maceline? PB was there from the beginning of it all. Somehow it got all crazy though. Also there's a little bit of pink goo in Simon's front shirt pocket when he leans in the car to give Marcy the soup. pretty crzy no?

I  have difficulty beliving that the gum is PB herself. An ancester perhapse. But not actully her. That would make the uncle she mentioned once in passing very confusing.


Then again, the writers had Treetrunks trapped in the crystal dimension even though we saw her at a party two episodes after she disappeared. So I guess the writers are willing to ignore small details if it creates a compelling story.

Honestly that's one of my favorite things about this show. You really have to catch all the small details and match the pieces yourself, like all the military gear and war-time wreckage you see around, then later come to find it's actually a post-apocalyptic nuclear war story! :O

Surprises abound I tell you.
Yeah, but I want to what happen between Marceline and Simon after that and why Marceline thinks PB has a problem with her.
tis pure sad amazingness. my fav character. id break ash... the butt. Love it even in the sorrow yo
MonsterBuddy May 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Poooor Marcy :(
me: hey marcy, donŽt cry I got something for yaŽ
marcy: huh?
me: look what I have here is... *dramatic pause dun dun duuun* HAMBO!
marcy: ha-hambo? ... ...thanks... :iconshysmileplz:
That is exactly why I think immortality sucks. You experience so much pain, most likely all the friends you ever make will grow old and die one day. At some point you're going to wish that you were able to die. I know that you also experience much great things but the bad things stick better and over time they won't leave any space for good events to be remembered.
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